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Glacier #1 Lampe de table

Glacier #1 Lampe de table

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Présentation d'une table extraordinaire de la première série Glacier, arborant un design suisse vraiment unique. Inspirée par les contours captivants et organiques des couches de glace glaciaire, cette lampe apporte une présence enchanteresse et une élégance naturelle à tout espace.

Soyez assuré de son authenticité, car cette lampe de table est accompagnée d'un certificat garantissant son exceptionnel savoir-faire. Pour une assurance supplémentaire, nous proposons une garantie internationale à vie, garantissant votre entière satisfaction et votre plaisir à long terme.

Illuminez votre environnement avec cette remarquable lampe de table, où la vision artistique et l'inspiration de la nature s'entrelacent. Découvrez l'esthétique envoûtante des couches de glace glaciaire et rehaussez votre espace avec une pièce intemporelle qui dégage sophistication et charme. Embrassez le monde captivant de l'artisanat du design suisse et imprégnez votre environnement de la beauté éthérée de la nature.


Introducing Polylactic Acid (PLA), an extraordinary thermoplastic monomer derived from renewable sources like corn starch and sugar cane. Combining eco-consciousness with perfect light transmissive properties, this remarkable material offers stunning aesthetics and impeccable clarity. Embrace a product that not only preserves our environment but also shines with a captivating brilliance, embodying the perfect blend of sustainability and visual allure.

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Length: 12 cm
Width: 12 cm
Height: 23 cm

Experience compact perfection with dimensions that truly impress. An organic masterpiece that fits seamlessly into any space. With these ideal measurements, your setup will achieve the perfect balance of form and function. Embrace the power of precise proportions with confidence.

What's Included

Upgrade your lighting experience with this exceptional package.

This object comes with a Europlug type C on a 120cm white cable with an oval-shaped switch and a Philips LED light source of 2.2W (250 lumens) replacing 25W already installed.

Rest assured of its authenticity, as this table lamp comes with a certificate that guarantees its exceptional craftsmanship. For added assurance, we offer an International Lifetime Warranty, ensuring your complete satisfaction and long-term enjoyment.

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Illuminating Innovation

Imagine owning products made from a substance that combines durability, versatility, and sustainability. With PLA, you can make an eco-conscious choice without sacrificing quality. Read more

Derived from natural resources, PLA offers a solution for those seeking a sophisticated, environmentally friendly option. Embrace the allure of PLA and transform ordinary items into extraordinary marvels. Join the journey and add a touch of splendor to your world today.

Embracing the Divine

Our design is intricately inspired by the sacred geometry found in Mother Nature's exquisite creations. Drawing from the harmonious patterns and proportions that exist in the natural world, we have crafted designs that embody the inherent beauty and balance of the universe.

Each element of our design is carefully crafted to reflect the timeless elegance and profound wisdom found in nature's sacred geometry.

Experience the harmonious blend of art and nature, as our design brings the transformative power of sacred geometry into your space.

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We believe that by taking this proactive step, we can contribute to a greener future while still delivering our exceptional objects to customers worldwide.

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